Mission Statement

The Tulare County Probation Department protects the community by conducting Court investigations; enforcing court orders; assisting victims; and implementing prevention, intervention, supervision and offender accountability programs.

Departmental Core Values

The Tulare County Probation Department believes that the following core values are fundamental to the realization of our mission and goals:

  • Employees are our most valued resource.
  • Community protection can best be achieved by balancing law enforcement activities with casework responsibilities.
  • Lives can be changed by engaging offenders in the rehabilitative process.
  • Optimum performance is best achieved through innovation and collaboration.


Chief Probation Officer
Christie Myer

Assistant Chief Probation Officer
Ollie Dimery-Ratliff

Probation Division Managers
Michelle Bonwell | Administrative Services
Michelle Gayden | Juvenile Court and Central Records
Jose Gonzalez | Adult Special Services
Tate Rankin | Juvenile Detention Facility
Le Anne Williams | Probation Youth Facility