It is the policy of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department to cooperate with the media in establishing and maintaining procedure to disseminate information which the public has a legitimate interest. Dissemination of information to the media will be provided on a fair and equal basis and in a factual, timely and accurate manner. This department seeks a cooperative understanding which allows the news media to gather information of the public interest in a manner that does not hamper law enforcement operations.

In some cases, certain information must be withheld in order to protect constitutional rights, to avoid interfering with a department investigation, or because it is legally privileged. No release will be made that would compromise the integrity of any ongoing criminal investigation. In such cases media notification will be made as soon as practical. At no time will members of this department intentionally mislead or misinform members of the media.

The Sheriff's Office has an appointed Public Information Officer to act as a liason between the various media outlets, public entities and the department.

The PIO works during regular business hours with weekends and holidays off.

The PIO may also be called out for special events on an as needed basis decided by the station commanders.

If you have a media request after hours, on weekends or holidays, please contact our non- emgency dispatch line at 559-733-6218 and leave a detailed message including the case number or news item you are referring to. The message will be forwarded to the appropriate station commander.
For booking photos please contact the on duty Sergeant at the jail facilities.

For presentation requests, please email with the event information including date, time, location, what is requested and contact information.

To receive news release updates you will need to subscribe to the Sheriff's News Alerts Twitter feed @TulareSheriff.  This will notify you each time we post something new to our news page.

The Sheriff's Office also provides photos on Flickr and video on YouTube for some incidents.  You may also subscribe to those sites to be notified when new content is posted.

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