Tulare County's Emergencies portal provides information regarding fire and law enforcement departments, and other resources near you. This portal also provides relevant weather related information and Twitter feeds from first response agencies. The County can also notify you of emergencies through our AlertTC system. Please sign up by click on the AlertTC logo in the menu to the left, or click here.


California is in the middle of one of the most severe droughts in recorded state history. In response to forecasted drought conditions through 2015, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors proclaimed a state of local emergency on February 4, 2014, following Governor Brown's State of Emergency proclamation of January 17, 2014. The County Board of Supervisors called for state legislators to place a water bond on a future ballot, and formed an ad hoc committee to address future water advocacy strategy.

Tulare County's Office of Emergency Services (OES) program has been tasked with the overal coordination of the County's responses to this drought emergency, and maintains this website for the purpose of distributing and collecting information, and for publishing a list of resources that may help provide a degree of relief to families that have been affected by the drought.

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Cooling Centers

The Tulare County Public Health Emergenc Preparedness Program (PHEP) coordinates the operation of Cooling Centers throughout the County during the summer months.  Cooling Centers are facilities operated voluntarily by their respective owners as a service to the community.  These facilities are equipped with cooling, sitting areas, and restrooms at a minimum, and may also provide vending machines, reading materials, and/or activities.  Contact Cooling Centers near you to find out what services are offered and the hours of operation. Read more here.